Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Would you believe...the Top 96?

So, the Discovery Channel is doing a Top 100 Americans list and the selections, as is the case with most lists of this type, are dubious:

Rush Limbaugh? Granted, he's balanced out by Michael Moore on the list, but still.

Dr. Phil? Folks, lets try and maintain some perspective here. He may be hot sh*t now, but it's very likely that no one will know this guy's name in ten or twenty years. The same cannot be said for everybody else on the list pretty much. Is Dr. Ruth Westheimer his backup?

Laura Bush? Again, she seems to be balanced by Hillary Clinton here on the list, but what exactly has Laura done besides be as non-controversial as possible? I'm not saying she isn't a nice person. I'm sure she is, but does she need to be on the list? I guess that stand-up thingy she did over the weekend boosted her popularity more than I thought.

Pat Tilman? It's hard for me to argue against this man without some people getting all upset that such an argument would be besmirching the man's memory. I respect the sacrifice he made for this country as I do all 1,500 plus soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. But he is not the first nor the last celebrity to heed the call when his country needed him, and it would have perhaps been more fitting to chose someone such as Jimmy Stewart to take that slot.

And then there's the notable absence: Gerald Ford. The automobile magnate that shares his name gets a nod, but our thirty-eighth President does not. He's the only President between FDR and Dubya that didn't get a mention. Granted, I can't think of any major accomplishments of his administration (of course, I was 5 years old by the time he left office), but I have to think that if they have room for Brett Favre, they could have made room for old Jerry.

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John said...

Au contraire! If Ford had not been President, would Chevy Chase have had a career?

Anonymous said...

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