Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chiwetel Ejiofor Quote of the Month: December 2011

We close the year, appropriately, with the one Christmas movie in the bunch. Love Actually is one of Mrs. Mosley's favorite films. Ejiofor doesn't have much to say, but there is this memorable exchange:

Peter: "Who is it?"

Juliet: "It's carol singers."

Peter: "Well, give them a quid and tell them to bugger off!"

Folks, as you've seen the posts get smaller and smaller here at Acrentropy, you have probably guessed I am winding it down with blogging (and you would be right). As part of that, I'm shuttering the "Quote-of-the-Month" posts, which has been the only regular feature of this blog since I started it back in 2004. The big film project is also on hold until I find sometime in between family and (increasingly irritating) work.

I've made statements before on how I'll be slowing down only to do anything but, yet If the past six months are any indication, this time it's the real thing. For those few of you who turned in over the years, I thank you for your appreciation.

Take care, folks. Cheers.