Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"I got some remaindered furniture I wanna send you."

I came across this IMDb entry about an animated remake of The Ten Commandments coming out later this year. The actors chosen for the roles are a mixed lot. Alfred Molina, a longtime favorite of mine, will probably have a lot of fun as Ramses. Ben Kingsley will bring the appropriate authoritarian tones needed for that narrator.

On the other end, we have Christian Slater as Moses, and I really hope he squeezes out every drop of Jack Nicholson from his voice before delivering his lines. And then there is God, voiced by ... Elliott Gould? Now don't take this as a slight against Elliott. I love the guy. But there are certain people who are appropriate to voice God (John Huston) or his facsimile (Alan Rickman) and then there is ... well, Elliott Gould.

You know, Jack Gellar! 'Trapper John' McIntyre!! Reuben Tishkoff!!!

And it is this last name that inspires me to adapt one of his lines in Ocean's Eleven for use in this new project. Take it away, "Reuben" ... um, I mean, "God"!

"I'm sure you can make it out of Egypt, of course, lest we forget, once you and the Israelites are across the Red Sea, you're still in the middle of the f*cking desert!"

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