Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Yaphet Kotto Quote of the Month: June 2004

The name that I've taken on for this Blog is a character played by actor Yaphet Kotto in the 1988 action/comedy "Midnight Run". Near the beginning of the film, his badge is stolen by Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro). For the rest of the film, Mosely keeps getting reports of differenet people using his badge to impersonate him. So, in this sense, consider me the next.

So, apropo of nothing, i will be posting a Yaphet Kotto quote of the month. Here's a quote from "Midnight Run" for June:

Alonzo Mosely: What should be of prime importance to you is that you're looking at ten years just for impersonating an FBI agent.
Jack Walsh: 10 years?
Alonzo Mosely: Yep.
Jack Walsh: How comes no one's after you?
By the way, I know that it's actually spelled "Mosely" and I've spelled it "Mosley". To hell with it. I'm too lazy to go back and change it now.

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