Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanks Giving

I've been aware of cartoonist Chris Ware for almost a year now. I came across his book The Acme Novelty Library in a Barnes & Noble one night and sat there on the floor just glued to it for at least thirty minutes. He communicates so much about the human condition in terms of loneliness and sorrow. I'm not meaning to sound snobby or intellectual when I say that, so let me put it in more direct language: The motherf%ck&r cuts deep.

With these themes in mind, Thanksgiving is a ripe occasion for his work. The New Yorker actually commissioned five different covers from him for their Thanksgiving issue. I've posted two of them down below. You have to click on the pictures and open them up, but trust me ... they are worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Let's give thanks for our loved ones most of all.

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