Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Would the addition of chicken have made a difference?

In deference to this blog's penchant for Chicken Caesar Reviews and the brilliance that is Mimi Smartypants, the following is a recounting of one of her recent dreams:
I woke up thinking about Andrew Marvell and Alexander Pope fighting a duel inside a wooden bowl full of Caesar salad. This could not ever have happened (oh really?) because they were not quite contemporaries (Marvell died in 1678, Pope was born ten years later); Caesar salad was not invented until the 20th century; and that would have had to be one huge salad bowl or two really small poets---either way you know something is wrong. I do not remember who was winning, or whether this was bare-knuckled battle or with weapons, but I do recall that every once in a while one of them would try to climb out and a stream of olive oil would run down the side, knocking the combatant back to the salad arena.

In case you are wondering, the answer to the query in the post title is this: It depends on whether the chicken is in chunks or strips.

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