Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Watch out for that first step! It's a doo-zey!"

I really wanted to find a screen capture from the Bugs Bunny classic "No Parking Hare", but one isn't easily found on the net. Too bad. It would have been sweet to put it next to the picture below and the story that goes with it:

Developers have turned a house into an island in China after the owner refused to move out.

The villa now stands alone in a 30ft deep man-made pit in Chongqing city, reports Jinbao Daily.

The Chongqing Zhengsheng Real Estate Company wants to turn the area into a £40m 'Broadway' square, including apartments and a shopping mall.

But the owner of the villa says he won't move out unless the company pays his price - the equivalent of £1.3 million.

"The villa owner refuses to move, so the real-estate developer has had to dig out all around it to force him to," says a saleswoman at Weilian Real Estate Sales Company.

"He wants 20 million yuan, or he'll stay till the end of the world."

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