Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to Suck City. Population: Me

After loading up the car with more stuff to put in the storage space down the road, I arrived there and found that the door to it was unlocked. Up goes the door and the first thing my eyes see is a spot near the entrance that did contain five full boxes of DVD's the last time I was there.

So much for that.

The rest of the morning was spent sorting through the stuff to see what else was swiped. Half of the boxes had a corner pulled up and were then tossed aside (I guess thieves either aren't big readers or were simply unimpressed by my book collection). The only other things I was able to verify was missing were a DVD player (a cheap one for the little TV, so no biggie), a document scanner (several years old, so it might have been due for a replacement soon anyway), a chess set and handmade wooden case my parents gave me for my High School graduation (Yeah. Ouch.) and, finally, the Commodore 64.

That's right. The thieves stole my 20 year old computer.

I'm guessing these guys aren't the most tech savvy and figured that the thing had antique value. The latest bid for one of these things on Ebay, though, is a whopping two bucks. So, the thieves were neither avid readers nor particularly bright, as it turns out. Also, they took the computer but left all the 5.25 disks and the flippin' disk drive. Good luck with that, you schmucks.

But back to the DVD's, yeah it bites the big one. I can't even begin to imagine the worth, but it is easily over a thousand. The thin silver lining is that we kept out some of our favorites/most used items from storage, so those are okay. That includes the entire MST3K collection, so I'm lucky there.

Mrs. Mosley and I will indulge in a shopping spree this weekend to replace the most beloved disks, but the entire collection won't be replaced. It's just way too much. Thankfully, I have most of it catalogued on DVD Aficionado. Though I hadn't updated the list in a while, it's enough for me to get an idea of how much is gone.

That is all for now. Time to go sob quietly in the corner.

UPDATE: I did a tally of what is missing and the estimated worth (that is, what they sell for now as opposed to what I actually paid for them) is just over $3,000. And the sobbing continues...

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