Thursday, December 27, 2007

December: Bleah!

Let the record show that this was the crappiest Christmas on record.

Mrs. Mosley and I caught some bug over last weekend. Her sickness actually started on Christmas Eve and mine in Christmas Day. Both of us have been quite miserable. Mucus, Ahoy!

We also decided to get new floors installed several weeks ago and ran into several problems with that. We were forced to evacuate the house for five nights while they worked on it. It also meant that there was no time (or room) to set up the Christmas tree, so it's our first year without one. I did string some lights in a triangle shape on a tall lamp, so that will have to do.

I'd show you some photos of the new floor and the cheap-ass tree, but somehow during the installation process, our new $500 digital camera was stolen. Though the company we got the floor from told me they take this matter very seriously, they couldn't do much beyond ask the two separate sub-contractors who worked on our floors (One on tile, One on wood) about it. Both claim to have no knowledge of it and we're still out a camera.

But the good news is that we have nice new floors. Also, Mrs. Mosley gave me a mighty fine Christmas gift this year: Eight passes to the Florida Film Festival in April. I'll be making the trip down to Orlando for that week and taking in all the good stuff (which I'll blog, of course).

So, overall, I guess things have been pretty nice. Excuse me, I have to go cough up more phlegm.

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