Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giancarlo Esposito Quote of the Month: November 2008

Amos & Andrew is a historical curiosity. I remember seeing the trailers for it before it came out in 1993 and being interested in it. After all, it starred Samuel Jackson (one year away from Pulp Fiction) and Nicholas Cage (one year after his Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas). How bad could it be?

Pretty bad, as it turns out. I only made it through the first ten or fifteen minutes before starting to fast forward to the Giancarlo bits. All the race humor has aged very poorly and I'm guessing both Sam and Nick are both glad most people have forgotten about this thing.

As for Giancarlo, well, at least he drew a paycheck. He's mainly there to provide the "black people can be stupid too" balance the movie needs against all the Caucasian buffoonery running around. He plays a pastor that goes in to protest how Jackson's character is being treated. By the end of the movie, instead of helping him, his crowd accidentally sets Jackson's house on fire.

His first and last lines are identical, just to show up how clueless he is:

Reverend Fenton Brunch: "I told him. I told the brother about these so-called liberals up here on this damn island."

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