Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Featuring Big Bald Nazi With Wrench!

During the aforementioned LEGO drought, I went ahead and signed up for the company's email newsletter, the first one of which I received yesterday. They had some sneak previews of new sets coming out. Oh mama:

On the one hand, I'm drooling like a fanboy over this. Out of the three Indiana Jones films (remember, there was just the three) the Flying Wing segment from the first film is a fan favorite and perfect for LEGO. They even include the fuel truck that leads to it's inevitable demise!

On the other hand, they did something that LEGO fans have been griping about for sometime now: Instead of designing a section with regular smaller pieces, they forge a brand new, gargantuan piece. In this case, the wings themselves.

Such large pieces drastically decreases the versatility of the set, especially with the camo colors. The wings could have been pulled off with smaller wing pieces of different colors and looked a lot better.

Oh well, I'm not paid the big bucks to design LEGO (would it were so). And it's not to say that I won't pick this up, but it will only happen if this set makes it as far as Tuesday Morning.

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