Thursday, July 23, 2009

"There's a lot of space in this mall."

I've been watching an old favorite on DVD this afternoon, and at the risk of stealing blog themes from my pal at Red and White, allow me to make a suggestion to the video game industry: Instead of launching a video game based on the Ghostbusters movie, how about something on The Blues Brothers?

It would be strictly a racing game. Create a big-ass sandbox simulation of Chicago, give players simple missions of getting to a particular gig at a particular time, and then let'em go nuts. Of course, the longer you take, the more cop cars are in pursuit of you. And you can get extra points for particular stunts and what have you. With the movie license, you can play awesome music during the chases and just throw in quips by Jake and Elwood at random times.

Am I just crazy? Wouldn't this be an awesome game to play? Plus, even though their still criminals, they're a far cry from the thugs at GTA, so you could get a lower rating for it. Besides, parents don't have to worry. They're on a mission from God.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alonzo! A somewhat disappointing game adaptation was released for 8-bit game consoles and the PC:

Another horrifying game was available for the Nintendo 64 based on the sequel, Blues Brothers 2000: