Friday, December 04, 2009

*hint hint* (or maybe not)

I had previously told Mrs. Mosley that a new MP3 player might be nice for my Christmas gift this year. I think I may be changing my mind:

Ever since I blogged about the Warner Archive earlier this year, I've been determined to find a title to add to my collection (both to see what the disks are like and also to show my support for such an awesome program). None of the titles offered so far have really floated my boat, but this "Big Band, Jazz & Swing Short Subject Collection" comes close. However, it does violate the "sight unseen" DVD purchase rule I have. And at 40 bucks (even for a six disk set), I have to agree such a purchase is probably not in the cards.

Oh, well. I'll keep on the lookout over at their site, and you should too. If you're looking for some expert opinion of the disks themselves, the always excellent DVD Savant has been semi-regularly reviewing different Warner Archive titles, so please go check him out!

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