Monday, July 19, 2010

Our House is a very, very very fine house.

The Mosley household made a decision last year to finally sell our tiny (yet beloved) home. We rented a house not too far away in December and moved all our stuff into it. We began renovations right after New Years and had it ready to put on the market by mid February. It sat on the market for about two months before we got a bite, and on June 2nd, it was sold.

The reason we moved out and into a rental was two fold: First, we knew that if the house was empty and immaculate, it would sell a lot easier. Second, and more importantly, living in a rental meant that once the house sold, we could take our sweet time finding a new one. So, as I said, we sold the house on June 2nd. We put an offer on a new one... five days later.

And this is it. That's little C.C. sitting in front. We signed the papers this afternoon and it is now ours. Obviously, we're going to have our hands full for the next month or so as we do some work on the house and then actually move in to the place. More pictures will follow, so stay tuned.

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