Monday, September 20, 2010

Skippy of the Day: William Murray

I have stated before that, as popular as Mitt Romney can be, I believe his Mormonism is more of a deficit than he may think. I go back and forth on this thought, wondering if the radical right Christians can put it aside long enough to pursue the common dream. Given that Glen Beck is also a Mormon, I have to believe that was one of his goals in his recent rally in Washington D.C.

If only they targeted voters who could actually process complex and nuanced ideas (nuance is more of a Democrat thing). Alas, once you've read the signs at any Tea Party gathering, you know this isn't likely.

Yet even knowing this, I have to admit that my jaw dropped to the floor after reading this quote today from William Murray, who is leading the fight against the mosque in NYC:
"I don’t know with the case with Mitt Romney. It could be because of some similarities between Islam and Mormonism, to be very frank with you, and his fear that any criticism of Islam, that those arguments could then be construed or used against Mormonism."
With such complete and total idiocy as this, I wouldn't be surprised if in ten years the Republicans had a Protestants vs. Catholics inter-party fight on their hands.

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Granma said...

There is a grain of truth in Murray's remarks. As a yellow dog Dem in a deeply divided mostly red state I do not believe that the typical rural midwestern churchgoer will EVER be able to pull that handle for a Mormon no matter how much they love Beck. I seriously doubt if they know he is a Mormon.

There are still some people in this county who can, with a straight face, refer to "the Mormon Wars" and barely be able to conceal their contempt. Actually as a history buff I have also been guilty of discourse on "The Mormon Wars." Add the religious discourse and it's a vexing problem for Romney.

As for the "not born in America" thing, I think if they did a poll of most Rural Republicans, listed Porto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska and asked them to choose which was not a state at least 50% would say Hawaii.