Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ta Da!

My early Christmas finally arrived on Wednesday and I had it assembled by 11:30 that night. And here it is (cue the Monolith music from 2001):

Ain't it glorious?

This isn't an actual picture of the one I got (Mine is in Walnut instead of Dark Cherry), but you get the idea: Massive Media Storage. With all the DVD's and CD's put in, we have it at about 3/4 full, and I have been instructed by Mrs. Mosley that I'm not allowed to go beyond that (much like the LEGO Armoire agreement of 2008). This is fair, and will help to keep my spending in check.

One final word of warning to you, dear readers: No matter how cheap the deal is, don't purchase anything from They completely screwed the pooch in terms of customer service on my order and I eventually went with, who shipped it the day after I ordered it and arrived less than a week later. Kudos, AVTIIP. Kudos.

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Steve said...

I went with another solution. I discarded the cases and used paper envelopes with an insert containing IMDB details. Put them in an Oak filing cabinet.