Monday, July 26, 2004

"Legionnaires" Disease

A recent post by Nathan over at Tachyon City discussed certain minor superheroes and their lame-ass superpowers. He then issued a challenge to his readers to describe their own lame-ass superpowers.

After thinking over several possibilities (Types Furiously With Two Fingers Man, Chicken Caesar Boy, I-like-Pork-Lo-mein-but-it-don't-like-me Man), I came upon Six Degrees of Anyone Man. I honed this power long before the Kevin Bacon variant of the game became popular, and I could do it with any two actors, and this was before the IMDb! My greatest accomplishment? I was able to link George Burns with Traci Lords in under three minutes! Take that, Spiderman! 

Incidentally, for those who are interested, a similar skit was done on MST3K where they named off their own lame-ass superheroes.

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Anonymous said...

The role-playing game SuperHeroes Unlimited, by Palladium, lists 'Clock Manipulation' as an actual superpower. Such a hero could change the time on a clock. It was not intended ironically. The suggested use was turning back the timer on a bomb.

Years ago, there was a comic book called Lethargic Lad, a boy whose superpower was his own lethargic manner. -- David P.