Friday, November 12, 2004

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to you; cats look down on you; pigs treat you as equals."

Well, I had a day of training on Wednesday and a day of rest on Thursday (aside from some hectic yardwork in the morning). Today is uneventful so far, so I'm posting an observation I made sometime last week.

In the film "Miller's Crossing", there is a phenomenal scene where two hitmen attempt and fail to kill Irish gang boss Leo (Albert Finney). It ends with a shot of Leo in his robe and slippers, holding the still smoking Tommy Gun and chomping a cigar. It's an incredibly cool image that I've always loved.

When Mrs. Mosley and I went to London last year, we visited the Cabinet War Rooms, which was the underground bunker that Winston Churchill lived and strategized in during WWII. In the giftshop, I purchased a postcard with a B&W photograph I had never seen before of Churchill: He is dressed in his signature suit and hat, holding a Tommy Gun and chomping a cigar.

Now you tell me: Do you think the Coens did this on purpose? Here are the images of Finney (bottom right) and Churchill. The Finney pic is a bit dark, but people familiar with the sequence will know the shot I'm speaking of and will see the similarity. The resemblance the Coen's might have seen between Churchill and Finney was apparently obvious to others besides them. In 2000, Finney starred as Churchill in "The Gathering Storm", for which he won an Emmy, Golden Globe and numerous other awards.

It seems clear that Finney was born to play tough old bastards, for which I and all other movie fans are eternally grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of tough old bastards, Finney played Daddy Warbucks, too. Of course, he softened up. :)