Monday, November 08, 2004

Random thoughts on FSU

The weekend in Tally was very enjoyable, as was the game itself. Some observations:

And now for something completely different - We were seated in the end zone next to the FSU band, with the Duke band located a bit further along. In addition to the standards played by all marching bands at football games, FSU also played a version of King Arthur's theme in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Being a Python fan, this was a real treat and I was surprised at how great it sounded as a get-the-fans-pumped-up song. In response, the Duke band played Python's "Sit on My Face", which made me glad that Duke didn't bring a chorus section.

Mein Fuhrer! I can CHOP! - For those of you unaware of such things, we fans of the FSU Seminoles use a tomahawk chop with our arms as a chant/cheer for our team. Aside from the initial thoughts on how this is still slightly offensive even after all these years, I also wondered what it's like for FSU fans who are also big baseball fans. They move to big cities and really get into their home team, only to find themselves one day in Atlanta for an away game. Unfortunately, the Atlanta Braves fans also do the tomahawk chop. Can you imagine all the FSU fans in the audience inadvertently mimicking Dr. Strangelove as they hold down their arms from automatically jutting up into the air?

Blood is NOT thicker than football - Bobby Bowden, Head coach of the Seminoles, is worshipped as a god in Tally. So color us surprised when Mrs. Mosley and I, who have been negligent in keeping up with the team, found a vitriolic hatred on campus for one of his sons. Jeff Bowden is offensive coordinator for the Seminoles and apparently has been doing a less than stellar job this year. There were posted petitions on campus to have him fired, and banners were unfurled at the game telling Bobby to "Fire Jeff" and "Send Jeff to UF". Folks, when the fans who worship you want to send your son to coach the team they most revile in life, you have a problem.

And Finally - Cost of a gallon of unleaded gasoline at a Conoco on the edge of Tallahassee: $1.86

Cost of a gallon of Dasani water sold inside the stadium (as extrapolated from a 20 oz bottle): $19.20

Value of seeing your Alma Mater win in person? Priceless.

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