Monday, May 16, 2005

A Declaration of Interest

We currently live in a world where a great deal of us want things to be in Black and White; Right and Wrong. People want that to be the case, but it simply isn't so. This world we live in is so difficult at times because there are shades of gray to every individual. Whether that be adherents to a particular faith or members of a particular political party, we must take people one by one and deal with them on that basis. Only by taking time to know that individual can we confidently declare something about them. I would have this standard for everyone, and that includes myself. Do not judge me by my race or religion or gender or occupation. Judge me by me. Talk to me and learn about me before making your judgment, and do not dare to insinuate anything about my character or opinions without first checking to see if it is truly so.

So it is on this particular occasion on this particular day that I would like to post a response to a malicious lie told about myself ever since September 13, 1996:

I, for one, couldn't care less for Raymond.

Thank you.

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