Monday, September 18, 2006

"All-Teal Day"

One other note for today: All the football-worshiping locals here in Jax are all a flutter about the Jaguars playing on Monday Night Football tonight. This frenzy is best summarized by our good mayor John Peyton recently proclaiming that today be named "All-Teal Day" in honor of it (This announcement was broadcast on the tail end of the evening news last week. When she saw it, Mrs. Mosley's jaw dropped open and she declared it to be the most ridiculous news story she had ever seen).

All of this leads to a picture of one fan that popped up on the First Coast News website this morning:

When viewing that picture above, one has to consider if it is more or less ridiculous than this:

My conclusion? About the same. I guess that means we're really in the big leagues now.

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