Saturday, May 23, 2009

LEGO ups and downs.

I have updates on two LEGO related stories I posted about earlier this year.

First, the awesome-sounding "LEGO Battles" game for the Nintendo DS is becoming less impressive as the details emerge. Red and White linked to a story about it earlier in the week, and all the screenshots make it seem like LEGO-in-name-only. It's just a bunch of cartoony looking characters running around a green field and battling with each other. I may change my mind about this, but for right now I'm not feeling compelled to save a couple hundred bucks for the console and game.

And second, the rather pricey "LEGO Architecture" designer sets have come out with a pair of Frank Lloyd Wright pieces: The Guggenheim Museum (on sale now) and Falling Water (coming soon).

Now this is more like it. I have no doubt that this will be more expensive than the skyscraper sets (by virtue of the number of pieces alone), but this is something that I wouldn't mind at all having on my mantle. Simply gorgeous.

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