Friday, May 01, 2009

Roscoe Lee Browne Quote of the Month: May 2009

So we go from the sun-drenched Caribbean melodrama of last month's film to... the sun-drenched Caribbean melodrama of this month's subject: Topaz. And though we have Hitchcock behind the wheel this time out, this is one his later films and is certainly not in the class of North by Northwest.

But before the film goes to Cuba halfway through and follows around some characters about which we care little, we have the film's best feature: a thrilling set piece that takes place at a New York hotel where a Cuban delegation is staying. Our protagonist Andre (Frederick Stafford) needs someone to make their way into the hotel and photograph some documents. He recruits freelance agent Philippe (Roscoe Lee Browne) who owns a florist shop in town. In the back of the shop, they go over the plan.

Andre Devereaux: "How do you propose to get up there?"

Philippe Dubois: "Oh, I think I’ll be a reporter. I’m loaded with press cards. Who do you think I ought to work for tonight? Ebony? Playboy? The Jersey City Post Ledger?"

Andre Devereaux: "Ebony."

Philippe Dubois: "Oh, I think they identify better with Playboy."

Andre Devereaux: (shakes head) "Ebony."

Philippe Dubois: "Oh, man, are you square. OK. Let’s go."

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