Saturday, June 20, 2009

Embarrassment of riches

I had to smile when I read this in DVD Talk this morning:
These are tough times for us Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. It's not a problem of content--in fact, quite the contrary. There's an embarrassment of riches as far as available product; the trouble is, trying to keep up will put you in the poorhouse. Original host Joel Hodgson and four other cast members are releasing a new, direct-to-video "Cinematic Titanic" DVD every couple of months, taking apart obscure bad movies in the best MST3K tradition, while prolific second host Mike Nelson and his castmates Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are pumping out a steady stream on downloadable MST-style audio commentaries on their Rifftrax website. On top of that, Rifftrax put out a series of ten DVDs--eight feature films and two collections of educational shorts--this month (reasonably priced, but still, ten of 'em). And now here's the good folks at Shout Factory with another collection from the show that started it all. This kind of fandom can set you back a few dollars.

Speaking as someone who purchased both Rifftrax shorts DVD's and a Cinematic Titanic DVD this month (and with the MST3K box set being shipped next month), I know where he's coming from.

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