Monday, June 01, 2009

Roscoe Lee Browne Quote of the Month: June 2009

Did I mention a baby is coming?

OK, so let's make this one short and sweet. The Mambo Kings. Browne plays musical bigwig Fernando Perez. Armando Assante plays an up-and-comer named Cesar with an ego the size of all outdoors. Antonio Banderas plays Cesar's talented little brother, Nestor. Aaaand...ACTION:

Fernando Perez: "Have a Havana with me, Cesar. And let's see how Fernando Perez can take the Mambo Kings to the top."

Cesar: "Who the hell are you, anyway, the Mambo pope? Guy thinks I came top America to trade one thief for another, right?"

Nestor: "Cesar!"

Fernando Perez: "I think you don't know who I am, senor."

Cesar: "Well, whoever you are, I know La Havana, los mafiosos with balls of steel could not own Cesar Castillo. So don't you try."

Fernando Perez: "You have much to learn, Mambo King. Pray God you learn it. Before the banana boat sails back to Cuba."

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