Thursday, February 25, 2010

New stuff is overated

The Mosley household has recently come into possession of some cool stuff. First off, Mrs. Mosley's dad sent over the complete Sesame Street Library from her childhood. This includes the original twelve hardcover volumes, in very good condition, that were published as a set in 1978. We can't wait for little C.C. to start reading these.

The other acquisition came during a trip to Sugarfoot Antiques at the Beaches several weeks ago. While browsing through the store, Mrs. Mosley caught site of a modest, well-worn box on a shelf. This turned out to be a copy of a 1964 Parker Brothers card game imported from France called Mille Bornes.

When I saw that it was a card game, I figured that there must be some missing. But they were offering a dollar for it, and that was definitely cheap enough to take a chance on. When we got it home, I went through the cards and, whadaya know, they're all there!

And what cards they are, too! There's something about the design and color scheme that just screams "Mod" to me. After all, It is French and it was released in 1964. Can't you just see this being played on a white shag rug in some London flat by photographers and fashion models? I sure can.

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Mike said...

Good for you two! Your kid is lucky...hope she will recognize that.