Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Television shows on DVD are tricky things. There have been several instances on this blog of me heralding the arrival of a show and announcing that it's greatness means that it's as good as mine. But these statements haven't always played out well.

In the case of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., my wonderful wife purchased the box set for me. The set was stolen in the tragic theft of 2007, but we did not replace it. In the end, my enjoyment of the series had waned considerably in the intervening years (despite the awesomeness of Bruce Campbell). And even when I saw it at BJ's for a ridiculously low $20, I didn't have near the desire to own it that I once did.

Saturday Night Live and The State never even got that far. I hesitated on both of these sketch comedy shows not because I think my memories of them are rose tinted (though they might be), but because I sat down and wondered how much I would really watch them. I came back with an answer of "not enough" and thus they remained unpurchased.

Then there are the shows from my childhood I haven't even mentioned on Acrentropy: WKRP, The Bob Newhart Show and Barney Miller, just to name three. All three have been released on DVD and I have resisted laying down money for all of them. Again, it's not a doubt to their quality in this case, but just a matter of shelf space and utility.

And then there's Daria. My Amazon order for the complete Daria box set (it was released yesterday) shipped out this morning. There's just something about that show that triggers a special part of my memory (in addition to being hilarious). I don't go into these things as lightly as I used to, and I consider Daria to be a solid addition to our DVD collection.

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