Thursday, October 07, 2010

Your antidote to Mary Hart

The Onion's AV Club is a source of endless entertainment for me, not least of which for the jaundiced eye they cast on certain bits of entertainment news. While reading the following from their Newswire, you can practically hear the resignation of the writer as they cynically describe the inevitable:

"Vulture nabbed the exclusive report that Mike Meyers’ funny accents have been hired for a big-screen Pepé Le Pew movie, which will bring Looney Tunes’ amorous skunk into the harsh realm of the 21st century via the alchemy of live-action and CGI. Like its similar, previously announced Bugs Bunny project, it’s all part of Warner Bros.’ plan to revive its long-neglected cartoon characters for a younger audience, whose exposure to increased levels of cadmium have made it impossible for them to discern two-dimensional shapes. Pepé Le Pew, occasionally characterized by people who take these things too seriously as a racist caricature of a smelly French person, will once again work his date-rape-y wiles on Penelope Pussycat, with the two being the only computer animated members of a an otherwise live-action cast. It will be a 90-minute fart joke, and it will make lots of money."

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