Monday, November 01, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson Quote of the Month: November 2010

The way Hollywood works is this: An actor scores a scene-stealing role in one movie, then they are given some larger supporting roles for which they are also lauded, and then finally they are given a high profile costarring role opposite a big star. Sometimes this actor is not a fresh new face but instead is an old hand that has finally broken through after decades in the business.

That was the way for Eugene Levy after he hit it big with American Pie in 1999. After five years of bigger and bigger roles (in largely forgettable films), he finally got a starring role in The Man, which has him playing the geeky Andy Findler opposite Jackson's Agent Vann. Personally, I would have hoped that one of the greats from SCTV would have gotten better than yet another mismatched buddy cop comedy, but at least it got him a paycheck (and the chance to work opposite Sam, of course):

Andy Fidler: "I haven't met anyone that I didn't become friends with... eventually."

Special Agent Derrick Vann: "Really? Because I haven't met anyone who's ass I didn't kick... eventually."

And with one month to go, I promise to showcase a Sam Jackson film in December that I actually liked.

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