Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chiwetel Ejiofor Quote of the Month: March 2011

As I mentioned last month, the pic for March is American Gangster, which is the second time Ejiofor starred alongside Denzel Washington in as many years. Ejiofor plays Huey Lucas, the younger brother of Denzel's drug kingpin Frank Lucas. The exchange doesn't really give Ejiofor a memorable line, but it is notable in that Frank gives Huey a warning that he himself eventually doesn't heed for a single night, and it's this one slip up that leads to his downfall.
Frank Lucas: "What is that you got on?"

Huey Lucas: "What? This?"

Frank Lucas: "Yeah, that"

Huey Lucas: "This is a very, very, very nice suit."

Frank Lucas: "That's a very, very, very nice suit, huh?"

Huey Lucas: "Yeah."

Frank Lucas: "That's a clown suit. That's a costume, with a big sign on it that says
'Arrest me'. You understand? You're too loud, you're making too much noise. Listen to me, the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room."

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