Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Ten": The Studio

On my previous films, I did most of the actual filming on our dining room table. Truth be told, we rarely did our dinning in there anyway, so it wasn't a big deal that I took it over. Now that we have a new home and a baby that we're trying to teach some civilized manners to, it's a bit more important that I do my LEGO filming elsewhere (not to mention keeping all the loose LEGO out of reach of said baby). The solution was to find a new table to do the filming. So, instead of buying one, I made one:

So what we have here is a hanging wooden door (which had to be removed from the laundry room when we moved in) setting atop two large boxes that our child car seats came shipped in and wallah; a table! The room is our garage where we have some black shelves with miscellaneous boxes of stuff against one wall. The table runs right up to the shelves and is in absolutely nobody's way, so it's all good.

Of course, the table didn't stay empty for long as I moved extraneous containers of LEGO (plus my creations so far for the film) over to it's surface. I also got a folding chair to sit at and we pretty much have the set up we need.

One other minor thing to note: On President's day this past Monday, Mrs. Mosley and I took a little day trip down St. Augustine way to visit Fort Matanzas. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. In addition to the pictures we took of the fort and each other, I took about a dozen of the blue skies from on top of the fort, like this one:

The purpose of these was to use them for the green screen behind the skyscraper, so although we'll be hoping that viewers will imagine the skyscraper to be in some advanced city on another planet, it will in actuality be plain old Florida.

Next Week: The Chroma Key

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