Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chiwetel Ejiofor Quote of the Month: February 2011

I was going to start off introducing this next quote as being from the only character Ejiofor has played to date that is due to return in a sequel. But upon reviewing the latest IMDb entry, it appears that the planned sequel to Inside Man has been scrubbed. That's a pity, because that film was wonderful proof that Spike Lee could work outside his normal subject areas and still turn in a cracking action film.

Ejiofor dons his American accent for his role of Det. Mitchell, who is partnered up with Denzel Washington's Det. Frazier. They get some nice scenes together, and one wonders if they're chemistry here was the reason Ridley Scott would pair them up again in the following year's American Gangster (which will be next month's subject). But for now let's just watch Ejiofor put aside the Bard for some good old American slang.

Det. Mitchell: "Hey Keith, let me see your shoe."

Det. Frazier: "What?"

Det. Mitchell: "Lemme see your shoe."

Det. Frazier: "Why?"

Det. Mitchell: "'Cause I have never seen anyone put their foot that far up a guy's ass."

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