Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Ten": The Store

This little project has so far, and will continue to, cost me a bit of money. Oh, we won't have to put on a second mortgage or anything, but I do fully expect to have spent several hundred dollars on materials and such before the year is up.

Which means that an additional income devoted to pay for these things is ideal, which is why I'm presenting... Alonzo's Misc Bricks!

Courtesy of the Brick Link website, I now have an online LEGO store where you can browse through all the bits and pieces that I don't really need in my collection and will be happy to pass along to you for a moderate price (plus shipping & optional insurance). I opened the store this past Thursday night and the next morning found someone had placed an order for $82 worth of bricks. I think I'm going to like this sideline.

Sidenote: Although I didn't originally state my intentions of doing so, I'm going to pretty much confine my posts to updates on the project done every Saturday. I'm not saying there won't be posts on other topics (The Quote of the Month posts, for example, will continue), but most of my mental energy will be on the "Ten" project and the blog will be reflecting that. For my half dozen or so steady readers out there, I hope you don't find it boring. If you do and long for a return to my normal mix of content, well, I'll see you in January 2012. 'Till then.

Next Week: The NASA Pic

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