Sunday, January 02, 2011

My very own Jake Gyllenhaal!

Target has a funny idea of what constitutes a "Clearance" price.

Here in these days after Christmas, when LEGO has released two new themes that the stores have to make room on their shelves for, a high amount of older sets have been put in the Clearance section. Yet when the Target near my house decides to take only four bucks off a forty dollar set, it's not exactly the kind of price cut that will have them flying off the shelves. When they decide to do a 50% cut, then we'll talk.

Well, this morning we had that conversation.

Mrs. Mosley were on the other side of town and went to the Target there for baby shower gift. When I hit the LEGO in the Clearance aisle, I saw the same anemic 10% to 20% price cuts that I had seen before. Except for one:

An eighty dollar set for forty bucks was too tempting to pass up. Realistically, this set should have been marked down months ago given that it's for a movie that totally tanked at the Box Office. The smaller Prince of Persia sets, I should note, are still going for full price. Perhaps Target knows that the sets will still appeal to the LEGO nuts like me regardless of theme. Parts is parts, after all.

Given that the awesome LEGO deals at Tuesday Morning have dried up, I was very happy to get my hands on this. I suppose the only drawback is that, now that I've organized by color, I have large amounts of two new hues to make a special space for. But compared with my other to-do list items like fixing the toilet, I'll consider more LEGO sorting to be not a chore at all.

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