Friday, August 06, 2004

So, Mr. Cream Cheese Frosting, we meet again.

Mrs. Mosley and I have been on a diet for over three weeks now. We are both overweight and have tried over and over to lose with poor results each time. Eventually, we found a method that plays to our strengths and has proven very effective. Simply, we record every single thing we eat during the day on a website account, including all the nutritional information. Most of all, we watch the calories, and make sure we don't go over our allotment (2200 a day for me, 1600 a day for her). So, by meticulously tracking this information, we keep ourselves in check and it has resulted in astounding weight loss for both of us. I call it the Anal Retentive Diet.

Anyway, yesterday was a stressful day for both of us at work, so we decided to splurge a little and visit this fancy restaurant nearby called The Brick. She had the Scallops and I had the Sirloin (Sorry, no Chicken Caesar on the menu), which were both very tasty. Then we decided to split a dessert, which we chose to be carrot cake. This slice of cake ran $5.00 so, for a restaurant like this, I expected something pretty puny. The slice they eventually brought out was the roughly the size of a toaster.

We both dug in and found that it was gooooooooooood (yes, I think a dozen o's accurately describes it). Both of our bodies, having been deprived for so long, rediscovered the absolute decadence of sugar again. Of course we've both had sugar during the diets, but never in this sinful amount. The frosting really got me and, 15 minutes after we finished it, I had a major headache starting. I'm not saying it wasn't worth it (it definitely was), But it's amazing how your body reacts to something you used to have every day but have now decided to prohibit it from.

There's no really big moral here, folks. I guess I'm just saying it was a kick-ass carrot cake.

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