Monday, September 12, 2005

Posting on the Potomac

Well, my droogies, it was an interesting week last week.

As I said in my last post, Mrs. Mosley and I vacationed in Washington D.C. last week, and a lovely vacation it was, too. The weather, as with all our previous trips, was miraculously cooperative with some nice cool breezes and zero rain. We hit all the major big spots, save the White House and the Capital, and came away being very satisfied with our time there.

There are too many observations to confine to one post, so I'm declaring this week to be "D.C. Week" here at Acrentropy. I'll be posting some random and not-so-random thoughts from our trip all this week starting tomorrow. Stay tuned.

And, in case your wondering, no, I didn't take the opportunity to go view Rehnquist in repose at the Supreme Court. I had enough dead people on my list to see during my week there without adding another one.

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