Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thus spake Mrs. Mosley

Mrs. Mosley has an affinity for graveyards. No, she's not anywhere close to being a Goth. Rather, she grew up around a very old cemetery that her father assists in caretaking for. She loves the sense of history that comes with such a place and considers it more of a living ground than a dead one. She prefers the older cemeteries with lots of different trees on the grounds more than the new ones.

Now, having said all this, we were driving through Maryland last week and passed by a modern graveyard with absolutely no trees. Upon seeing this, Mrs. Mosley made a statement about the dangers of too much sun and too little shade. It was a fair statement, but it didn't come out the way she meant it. She looked out over the rows upon rows of sun-drenched graves and casually proclaimed, "All those dead people are gonna burn."

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