Thursday, September 15, 2005

To all the B&B's I've known before

As a rule, Mrs. Mosley and I stay at Bed & Breakfasts when we go on vacation. The rooms tend to be nicer and the breakfasts are often delicious. For our trip to D.C. last week, we stayed at the the Adams Inn in the bohemian neighborhood of Adams-Morgan. On the plus side, it was located on a beautiful tree-lined residential street and always had cookies on hand in most of the common rooms. On the negative side, they only served a Continental breakfast and their AC (our room had a window unit) left a lot to be desired. Still, we enjoyed our stay there and wouldn't mind going again.

Since I'm on the subject of B&B's, here's a list and description of all the others that Mrs. Mosley and I have stayed at:

Angel of the Lake (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada): A very elegant B&B that the female owner had created out of her own home. The French toast was top notch, as I remember, and it was convenient to the charming downtown district. Our room, though, was on the small side and the bed ... uh ... squeaked excessively.

Pimblett's B&B (Toronto, Canada): This is possibly the most eccentric B&B we've ever stayed. It's owned by an equally eccentric British expat packrat (say that five times fast). He was quite a character. We enjoyed both his basement restaurant down the street (Great shepherd's pie and fish & chips) and his dog, Bertie (whom my P.G. Wodehouse fan of a wife just adored).

Dickert House (Jacksonville, Florida): We stayed at this place after putting up with no power for almost a week due to the hurricanes last year. Our room actually had two floors, with a living room on the ground floor and a bedroom above. A very nice setup, though you should watch your head if you're over six feet tall when going down those stairs. Damn, that smarts!

Allison House (Quincy, Florida): This was for the purpose of attending an FSU football game last year. Since we were a little late in planning the trip, we had to resort to staying in a town that was ten minutes outside of Tallahassee. It had a great hot breakfast. It also was just several blocks away from the quaint town square, which Mrs. Mosley and I took advantage of for an evening stroll.

Victorian House (St. Augustine, Florida): This is where we spent our honeymoon, and the location was perfect. To be able to lie in bed and hear horses clop by on cobblestone streets is just priceless. We were able to walk to most of the places we wanted to go. The breakfast was a little frou-frou with quiche two mornings in a row. A piece of advice to the owners: Sometimes a guy (and gal) just wants some old fashioned pancakes and bacon. MMMMmmmm, that's good eating!

Fantasia B&B (Charleston, South Carolina): This was a small side trip we took in July of 2004. The room opened onto a porch with wicker rocking chairs and a great view over the rooftops. The owners were a really charming couple, and Mrs. Mosley wants to return one day simply to see them again. I'm all for it, though we'll be sure to go when its cooler next time, lest we once again come very close to heatstroke.

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