Friday, October 21, 2005

Boy, look at all the crap I didn't convince my Mom to buy me.

I just discovered a British site about television during the 70's and 80's (a definite future addition to La-La Land) and found a list of the top 100 toys of those two decades. I gave myself an informal survey and found I only owned sixteen of the items. This low number can be accounted for by (a) the fact that some items appear to be more British than American, (b) I was only born in 1973 and missed out on some of these things and (c) some are toys for little girls. Here are my personal fun-filled stops down memory lane (batteries not included).

1. A Bike
2. A Computer
6. Star Wars Death Star Playset
28. Magic Rocks
30. Hangman
31. Screwball Scramble
35. Spirograph
38. Etchasketch
44. Dungeons and Dragons
47. Operation
54. Mousetrap
63. Armatron
79. Viewmaster
91. Electronic Project/Chemistry Set
92. Zoids/Transformers
93. Rubik's Cube

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