Monday, March 13, 2006

Sun Tzu on Tantrum Throwing

Blah3 had some nice commentary on Bush's speech today and his complaints about the insurgents' tactics:
"Of course the insurgents won't expose themselves to superior firepower and a situation that will end with their death. But pass the word to Bush that he was the one who elected to start this thing, and it stands to the most rudimentary reason that if you go into a country to fight that country's people, you will be fighting on their terms."

"Oh, wait. I'm sure 'no one could have anticipated' that situation."
All of this reminded me of some things I've read about the French and Indian War. Here's a little history lesson courtesy of

British troops under the command of General Edward Braddock joined George Washington at Fort Duquesne. The British general expected to fight the way battles were fought in Europe with troops lined up on open fields and firing their weapons as they marched toward each other. The French and their Indian allies refused to fight in this manner, preferring instead to hide in the woods, donning clothes that made them difficult to see and shooting at British troops from behind the cover of trees.
Looks like the British were outmoded by the tactics. Looks like the same thing is happening to us. And the solution that Bush has for all this: To go on national television and bitch to us about it. Bold move there, George. We'll be winning again in no time.

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