Saturday, April 01, 2006

Forest Whitaker Quote of the Month: April 2006

You've got to hand it to Joel Schumacher. Shortly after the unmitigated disaster that was Batman & Robin, he went back to basics (or should I say basic training) with the locally shot Tigerland starring an unknown Irish actor named Colin Farrell. It was a minor success with both critics and audiences.

Only two years later, he went back to the lean-and-mean formula with Colin again to produce Phone Booth. The action unfolds in real time and the film clocks in at a very spare 81 minutes, so there's very little time for pithy remarks. Still, the verification that Forest Whitaker's character, NYPD Captain Ramey, asks from a fellow officer is priceless in both content and delivery:

Captain Ed Ramey - "Verify this information for me. The guy in the booth shot that guy over there and stuck around to make a phone call - Is that correct?"

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