Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Oh happy day"

Harper's shows us the inevitable result of the bestselling Left Behind books: The legion of fans the books created are actually excited at the events of the past three weeks. Some excerpts:

"This is the busiest I've ever seen this website in a few years! I have been having rapture dreams and I can't believe that this is really it! We are on the edge of eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Whoa! I can sure feel the glory bumps after reading this thread!"

"I too am soooo excited!! I get goose bumps, literally, when I watch what's going on in the M.E.!! And Watcherboy, you were so right when saying it was quite a day yesterday, in the world news, and I add in local news here in the Boston area!! Tunnel ceiling collapsed on a car and killed a woman of faith, and we had the most terrifying storms I have ever seen here!! But, yes, oh happy day, like in your screen name , it is most indeed a time to be happy and excited, right there with ya!!"

"This is so exciting....I'm having a hard time believing this is 'real'!"

"Got that dancing feeling on the inside of me."

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