Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skippy of the Day: Press Secretary Tony Snow

Here's Tony, reacting to a reporter's asking of why Bush would veto the stem cell research bill:

"The simple answer is he thinks murder is wrong."
Yes, Tony. Thank you for that. What a brave stance for the President to make. What is his next heroic pronouncement going to be? Kittens are cute?

Simple answers from a Simpleton.

Further down on the same Think Progress link above is this analysis:
An embryo is not a baby or even a fetus; it’s a cluster of about 150 cells, also known as a blastocyst, which forms a few days after the joining of a sperm and egg, and is no larger than the period at the end of this sentence. Stem cells are derived from the center of this cluster, and are like biological blank slates. They have the potential to become any of the 200 kinds of cells that make up the human body.
Or, for a related and more humorous description, refer to George Carlin:
See the really hard-core people will tell you that life begins at fertilization. Fertilization, when the sperm fertilizes the egg. Which is usually a few moments after the man says "Gee honey, I was going to pull out but the phone rang and it startled me." Fertilization. But even after the egg is fertilized, it's still 6 or 7 days before the egg reaches the uterus, and pregnancy begins, and not every egg makes it that far! 80% of a woman's fertilized eggs are rinsed and flushed out of her body once a month during those delightful few days she has. They wind up on sanitary napkins, and yet they are fertilized eggs! So basically what these anti-abortion people are telling us is that any woman who's had more than 1 period is a serial killer!

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