Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Good Luck"

After all the WMD claims dried up, Bush rested heavily on the hope of fostering democracy in Iraq in order to spark change in the region. He believed that this goal is worth the continuing bloodshed.

Putting aside the the possibility that this goal is achievable given the way that the Iraq venture has been botched so far (and continues to be botched), you would think that Bush would want people on his side that share this noble dream and are willing to fight to the bitter end to achieve it.

It is with this in mind that we read recent statements by John Bolton and realize that Bush did everything he could to ensure that his face and voice would represent this country on the world stage as embodied by the United Nations. The following is an excerpt by Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic commenting on Bolton's words (via Think Progress):

What staggers me about this clip is Bolton's point-blank view that the US had no responsibility to impose order after the invasion, and no responsibility for security within the country. Bolton actually says that the only error Bush really made was not giving the Iraqis "a copy of the Federalist papers and saying, 'Good luck.'" Yes, he says he's exaggerating for effect, but he is conveying the gist of the policy. The casual recklessness and arrogance of these people never cease to amaze. The world is theirs' to play with - and the victims of predictable and predicted violence are left to help themselves.

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