Thursday, April 19, 2007

South Korean Dopplegangers

On top of everything else that was really wrong with that bastard Cho Seung-Hui , apparently was suffering from a delusion of being Oldboy.

Of course, Oldboy had the excuse of being taken away from his wife and child and locked in a room for years without any explanation whatsoever. Unless Cho spent some time we don't know about in Gitmo, all he had to blame was angst.

Update: Looks like someone at the NYT beat me to this observation. The article mentions an excerpt from the NYT review at the time of it's release and how such a film only appealed to "cult-film aficionados for whom distinctions between high art and low are unknown, unrecognized and certainly unwelcome".

Bite me, NYT. The current Tomatometer rating for Oldboy is 81% fresh, meaning that there were a hell of a lot of critics (who did know the difference between High art and Low) that saw it for what it was: a beautifully crafted film and moving film. Don't start demonizing this film because some schmuck got off on the violence and ignored everything else.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that the key to his problem is a sentence which I heard on Fox news - he had contempt for others. I sensed the same thing some time ago when I watched a video of a Palestinian suicide bomber. These bastards have contempt for everyone who wants to live. This is why they call themselves shaheeds (saints or martyrs).
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