Saturday, March 01, 2008

Giancarlo Esposito Quote of the Month: March 2008

It always sucks to be a father in a bipoic, because there's inevitably going to be a ton of baggage thrown your way. Fortunately in Ali, Giancarlo's role as Ali's father is a rather likable one, and he spends most of his screen time attending the fights and cheering his son on. Their one point of contention, over his son's Muslim conversion and name change, is shared in one scene by Ali's wife. When she and Ali leave the room to talk, Cassius Sr. and Bundini (Jamie Foxx) share both drinks and conversation:

Cassius Clay, Sr.: Took away my boy's name. What they give him back? Bad style.

(Both laugh)

Bundini: I think you drunk. Daddy Clay, you're something else. Now that's a firecracker right there. We're gonna have to work with that. A scale of one to ten.

Cassius Clay Sr.: That's right. I have one - I had a ten - Well, I didn't have a ten. I had a five - five good twos.

(Both laugh)

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