Thursday, July 10, 2008

Season One, Volume Two, Part Three, Act Four

Can we please put a stop to this?

No, I don't mean putting a stop to Jake and the Fatman, I mean putting a stop to this phenomenon of breaking DVD seasons into volumes. Would it really be that big a damn deal to just release entire seasons whole?

From what I can see, the shows that have been subjected to this treatment follow no discernible pattern. They range from goofy cartoons (Thundercats, Smurfs), classic sitcoms (I Love Lucy, My Three Sons), crime dramas (Untouchables, The Streets of San Francisco) and pure 1980's cheese (The Love Boat).

And then there was The Addams Family, the one DVD set I owned before the theft that was also so afflicted. The show lasted all of two seasons, yet when it was released on DVD, It was separated into volumes one, two and three. WHY?!?!?!

I guess the classic explanation is probably the correct one: Money. You can make more by splitting them up into more components and selling them separately. However, I would guess that the people who would really get pissed off are the fans of shows where the season breaks are connected to the overarching plot lines (as opposed to TV shows that are, well, episodic).

Final lesson: It's a damn good thing we didn't see Lost: Season One, Volume One in our local Best Buy. Fans might burned down the damn store.

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