Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From the mouths of pastors...

Daily Kos has an excellent post up right now about the growing number of Christians seeking to break away from the Conservative Christian movement. Surprisingly, a quote from Rick Warren summarizes the truth about why we need separation of Church and State:
"I'm worried that evangelicals be identified too much with one party or the other. When that happens, you lose your prophetic role of speaking truth to power," Warren said. "And you have to defend stupid things that leaders do."

"Politics is always downstream from culture. I place less confidence in it than a lot of folks. I don't think that's the answer... . Politics is not the right tool to change the culture."

This is as eloquent and concise argument as I have ever heard. What is more, it is coming from the mouth of someone that lots of people actually listen to which, as Kos explains, is probably why groups such as the Family Research Council are pissed off about it.

Mr. Warren, if I had a direct opposite of the "Skippy of the Day" award to give you, I would. You do your nation a great service.

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