Friday, August 01, 2008

Giancarlo Esposito Quote of the Month: August 2008

Blue in the Face made it's second appearance here back in February, so it's time to revisit it's predecessor Smoke once again.

Giancarlo is still Tommy Finelli, but this time he's not answering bizarre survey questions from Michael J. Fox. In this first of the two films, his appearance is brief and confined to the beginning of the movie. He shows himself to be a bit of a smart ass in this time, but he does sober up once Auggie (Harvey Keitel) tells the tragic backstory of one of his regular customers.

Auggie: "That's it. Four people got killed. One of them was Paul's wife. (Pause) The poor lug, he hasn't been the same since. (Pause) The funny thing was, she stopped in here just before it happened. To stock up on cigars for him. She was a nice lady, Ellen. Four or five months pregnant at the time, which means that when she was killed, the baby was killed, too."

Tommy: "Bad day at Black Rock, eh, Auggie?"

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