Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dollhouse: An A to Z survey

After surveying a number of new shows premiering this year, Mrs. Mosley and I have acted as loyal little Whedonites and latched ourselves onto Dollhouse. We're enjoying the show very much, and will enjoy it even more if it last for more than one season so their characters and plot threads can be developed.

One of the interesting details of the show is how the dolls all have names that come directly from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. For the four dolls we already know (Alpha, Echo, Sierra and Victor) the names sound right and even make some symbolic sense. Out of the remaining, I have to wonder which ones they will use. Here are my pics (likelihood descending):

Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar and Romeo: These are the most obvious name names, so I suspect they'll be used sooner rather than later.

Kilo: Perfect name for a doll who looks like he can kick ass. They can't all look like lithe supermodels, after all.

Delta: Given that this is the only other Greek letter besides Alpha, I can see them saving it for a doll that is made specifically to track down the rogue doll that's giving them so much grief.

Papa: This would be perfect for an older doll, which certainly must be called for occasionally.

November: Very New Age-y. She'll probably bond with Sierra.

India, Lima, Quebec, Yankee and Zulu: These lend themselves to literal applications, but I don't really see Josh putting forward an African and an Indian named Zulu and India, respectively. He could get playful and use the same names but reverse the races, but I doubt that too. Lima and Quebec, however, are a little more subtle, though I don't know how much the French and Spanish languages will be applicable to blank slates. As for Yankee, I'm guessing this is the wild card of the five presented that makes it onto the show.

Bravo: This one will wear a blond pompadour, a tight black t-shirt and talk like Elvis.

Whiskey: No idea, but I can't for the episode when this character is introduced.

Foxtrot and Tango: Well, if they need some dolls to do undercover work on Dancing with the Stars, then these are their best bets.

Uniform: Given that dolls are blank slates able to turn into anything, this name might be too literal.

X-ray: I think we're slipping into superhero territory, here.

Golf and Hotel: Um... yeah. Maybe if we get to season, like... eight.


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